FS Whirlybirds for FS2004

FS Whirlybirds for FS2004

FS Whirlybirds for FS2004 has the Robinson RS-44, Sikorsky S76, Eurocoptor 365,
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This is the simulation designed for the people who like to fly the helicopters and love to have a bite of the action. The simulation is designed to take you close to reality of running helicopters for big companies, oil rigs and tourists. In the FS Whirlybirds for FS2004 1.0 simulation you have Robinson RS-44, Sikorsky S76, Eurocoptor 365, Bell 407, Bell 427, Multiple Offshore Oil Rigs, Heliport Lower Manhattan, Heliport London City, Heliport Las Vegas, Heliport Grand Canyon and Enhanced Scenery Hawaii. You have three divisions working for Scuba an international holding company. You get to fly for the transport division flying passengers in New York and London. Run tours through the major sight seeing places like Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Hawaii. You can also run the transportation facility for the oil division along the costal areas delivering equipment and supplies to the oil rigs. You have five models with different version of helicopters to choose from. Fly in the high seas the Grand Canyon and in the big cities to enjoy the simulation. With highly detailed graphics and an assortment of choppers to fly in the simulation promises to be an excellent experience.

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  • Variety is spice of flying


  • Need more work on the terrain
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